Call Before You Dig

For digging projects large and small, Florida law states that property owners and excavators MUST call 811 or go to at least two full business days prior to digging to get underground utility lines marked at the dig site.

Here's the step-by-step process of exactly how it works.

Failure to call 811 before digging results in Floridians unintentionally hitting underground utility lines, which can lead to injury, penalties, repair costs, and inconvenient utility service interruptions.

As of July 1, 2020, revised law went into effect strengthening "Call 811 before you dig" enforcement and accountability across the state. Find the complete legislation here.

Under this new legislation, residents and excavators could see increased penalties for damaged underground utilities and violations of the law. Changes in the law include:

  • Civil penalty has increased up to $2,500 for violations that involve hazardous material pipelines.
  • Criminal penalties for knowingly and willfully removing or damaging a permanent marker.
  • New violation for failure to use increased caution when working within a tolerance zone. If digging near a natural gas line marker, excavators must spot dig the gas line to determine the exact location and depth of the pipe. The tolerance zone is defined as 2’ from either side of the pipe.

In addition to the increased penalties, the bill also expands enforcement authority to the state fire marshal and local fire chiefs, and it calls for fines to fund firefighter equipment and damage-prevention education.

View the color code for marking underground utility lines established by the American Public Works Association.

Call Before You Dig

Every digging project, no matter how large or small, requires a call to 811. View the color code for marking underground utility lines.

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